I’m here to make sure your home is full of amazing images you never want to stop looking at.

Your wedding day is going to be the most monumental, emotion-filled day in your life. Full of happy, mascara-running tears, and moments you want to bottle up forever. Wouldn’t it be a total shame if those moments never saw the light of day and instead lived eternally on your phone or computer screen?

Besides hiring a photographer, printing your images is one of the most important things you can do to cherish your wedding day and keep it living on forever.

Why you should give a dang about printing  your photos

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When I think of Hanna Wilson a few things come to mind. I think of someone who is in an earnest pursuit of creating magic from behind a camera, I think of someone who is willing to go the extra step to make someone feel valued, I think of someone who desires nothing less than to cultivate an environment that allows someone to feel free and comfortable in their own skin. Beauty, intentionality and love are knitted in every photograph she takes. My partner and I have had the privilege of standing in front of Hanna's camera many times and each time we do, we feel as though we re-fall-in-love. My partner and I are beyond grateful for Hanna, her work that now hangs on our walls, and for her dear friendship. When you hire Hanna, you're not hiring someone with a fancy camera, you're hiring someone who sees beauty in the little things, someone who sees the best in you and someone who desires to capture the love and joy in your relationship. Put your hiking boots on and hire Hanna and you'll be hiring a friend.

"Beauty, intentionality and love are knitted in every photograph she takes."

Hanna’s work speaks for itself. It soars from peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains, sweeps to the valleys of Yosemite, dances in the moonlight sky of the Arizona desert.

"Hanna’s work speaks for itself."

Hanna is so incredibly talented and nice to boot! We had so much fun at our engagement shoot and taking photos with Hanna on our wedding day! They are all frame-in-your-home-worthy-photos and Hanna perfectly captured our special day. She brings a creative and professional energy to everything she does, and made sure that everything we wanted photos of was captured during our wedding. It ended up raining on our wedding day, and Hanna didn’t even blink, she worked with the weather seamlessly and even came up with an alternative cell phone flashlight exit for us when our grand sparkler exit got rained out. Hanna is one of the best mountain gal photographers in NC!

“She brings a creative and professional energy to everything she does”