The Foolproof Guide To Astrophotography 

It’s about dang time someone shared their secrets to gorgeous, clear star photos that don’t require years of practice or brand-new (expensive as heck) gear.

Because we ain’t got time for that—but you and your clients deserve a sprinkle of night sky magic and I’m here to help make it happen.

This step-by-step guide will be your new nighttime BFF. And the best part? It’s 100% foolproof. Meaning no matter who you are or what experience you have, your photos will make planetariums jealous. 

The Milky Way, But Make It Photo-Friendly

Aren’t confident in your astrophotography skills but also aren’t interested in a process that takes hourssss upon hourssss to perfect (once again...ain’t got the time)

Feel like you don’t have the right equipment or gear and aren’t sure what to invest in (tbh not even sure what that type of thing costs)

Have experimented with astrophotography before but nothing turned out wow-worthy (and you certainly aren’t using them in your portfolio anytime soon)

Want to offer astrophotography to clients but aren’t sure where to start (how are other people figuring this out?)

See epic nighttime wedding or elopement photos and think to yourself, “How the heck do they take those?!”

Not sure if this guide is for YOU? Let’s make it simple. If you...

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"Hanna's guide truly is foolproof, you won't believe how in depth she goes! The guide has way more information than I was expecting and truly easy to follow steps. She includes so much additional information on the subject, which made me feel really confident - clearly she knows what she's talking about!"

Leave the in-camera technique behind (and all its frustration) and finally learn a process that feels simple + foolproof 

Feel confident as heck in your astrophotography skills and be proud to show them off 

Understand exactly how to take epic astrophotos every dang time 

After one (yes ONE!) time through, you’ll…

Astrophotography is a skill thousands of clients and couples are searching for. People obsess over nighttime imagery that’s magical and unique.

If you can master astrophotos, you’ll start booking clients who didn’t stop to give you a second look before. 

Here’s the even bigger kicker: You can find astrophotography tutorials online—but they’re all teaching the same dang thing! The time-consuming, frustrating as heck, in-camera technique. 

And unless you’ve got endless days to spend perfecting that technique, those tutorials are just going to leave you flustered and drowning in imposter syndrome. We don’t want that! 

Here’s the deal photographer to photographer:

This guide uses a completely new + foolproof method that even brand-new photographers can master.

If you’ve given up on astrophotography, this technique will renew your faith and have you spending way more time staring up at the big black sky. 

This two-part guide teaches you the fundamentals of the infamous “in-camera technique” in a way that’s simple and easy to follow (thank goodness). 

I know I said we’re not dealing with all of that, but hang with me. 

After you’ve got the in-camera basics down, part two takes us to the party. This is where I’ll teach you my step-by-step composite method for foolproof astrophotos (there is no step 2 without step 1—sorry, we simply can’t avoid it!).


What the heck is it and how does it work?

*mic check*

I’m also mapping out (in detail):

- The gear you’ll need to master this method
- A checklist of items to bring along on your nighttime shoots 
- Logistical details that will make your life SO MUCH FREAKING BETTER 
- Examples of my method in action 

I’m guiding you from A to Z and not leaving you hanging anywhere in between 

Not only are you learning HOW to take epic star photos—

1. Introduction
2. My story
3. Part 1: In-Camera 
     a. Gear
     b. Packing Checklist 
     c. Logistics
     d. Execution (4 steps to taking the photos) 
4. Part 2: Hanna’s Secret Sauce

Your Guide To The Guide

When I finally mastered astrophotography and began showcasing these epic photos on my Instagram + in my portfolio, the number of inquiries I received from couples ready for their night under the stars was seriously astounding. 

I swear by this secret sauce. It’s made me thousands of dollars and allowed me to be noticed for something not many other photographers are.  And it’ll do the same for you!

...but hear me out.

I know I know—as photographers, we’re always spending money on something. But this guide isn’t “spending money again,” it’s investing in your biz.

(Tired of hearing people call expenses “investments”? Same...)

Let’s Talk Numbers

All for just $150

My Astro GIF Guide will teach you how to easily turn your astrophotos into cool GIFs for clients or yourself  (ummmm just think about how sick it’ll look on your Stories) On its own, the GIF guide costs $75.

Want to turn it up another notch?!  I got you.

not just because people love stargazing, but because this method is 100% foolproof. So it’s not a, “If you master it” it’s a “when you master it.”

You’ll see an immediate ROI—

But bundle it with the Ultimate Guide to Astrophotography and get BOTH for $200

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the course work for both iPhone and Android?

The course is designed to be seamlessly used with either an Android or iPhone! Everything taught works perfectly regardless of the make and model. The only caveat would be if your phone is over 5 years old, it may not be waterproof - which would affect your ability to shoot underwater. Aside from that, it doesn’t matter what model it is! 


Nope! Everything taught inside doesn’t require extra bells and whistles that you have to purchase. The app I use to edit in is a free download and no extra phone gear is required! 


Once you purchase the course you can go back and re-watch it as many times as you like! You’ll also get all future new and added episodes to Pocket Cinema for FREE! 

How long is the course?

All of Pocket Cinema can be watched in just a little over an hour’s time! I know we all hate looong courses that take forever to complete, that’s why I made all of the info as concise and to-the-point as possible so you can get out there and start creating! 

What if I'm not a videographer or photographer that has a natural talent for this?

This course is for EVERYONE. I purposely crafted each episode to be short, easy, and perfectly learnable by anyone! This is specifically designed to take you from zero knowledge to a mobile video pro in just a little over an hour. 

Do I need to be a "creative" business owner to use and benefit from this?

Nope! We have plenty of Pocket Cinema students who just wanted to learn how to take awesome footage of vacations, trips, experiences with their family and fun life moments that they could keep or share on social media. This entire course is designed for you to have loads of fun getting creative and shooting video for ALL purposes (whether you consider yourself a creative or not)! 

What programs do I need?

Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop 

What format is the guide?

 It's a downloadable PDF .

Is this for beginners?

Not so much, I recommend being comfortable shooting in manual .

What if I have questions while working through the guide, can you answer them for me?

Absolutely!! Just shoot me an email :) 

Can I get a refund?

Nah dude - all sales are final!

So what do you say? Ready to embark on your own star trek?

With both guides, you can make these yourself (without losing your mind because #hard)

Take your pick: